lundi 10 mars 2008

I'm too good

I'm the best! I'm wonderful and so clever: I'm really too get a job.
I heard about this problem when I started to study: some people were overgraduated and couldn't get any job: too much educated to get a "common" job but without experience enough to get a job as manager or director. As a result: unemployment. I knew about it but I always thought that it's still much better to get too much than too little. I'm not sure about it anymore.
Today and for the 2nd time I've been told that I'm overgraduated for the job I'm applying for. I would never have thought that it could happen to me. I mean, I studied a lot. Ok. But come on! I'm not graduated from Havard either! I've always been told I have a good CV. I think I'm good to write and present CV as well. May be it looks too good. May be I should hide some part of my education. I really don't know what I have to do. I can apply for better jobs of course but then I won't have those 5 years experience all the firms want. I only have 2-3 years experience depending where I would apply.Honnestly it's very annoying and frustrated to hear your ex-may be future boss telling you "Come on! This job is not for you! You'll be bored within the next few days. And we can't pay either." I need a job, I need to eat, I need to pay my rent and it's really amazing to hear "you're too good for that". Too good, may be. But starving in a street if nobody give a chance to get experience.
Well, tomorrow I gonna give and send CV again and I know I'll find something. I WANT get a job, there's plenty of jobs and opportunities in Paris and 1 of those is for me. But still. It sucks.
Par Alice aliceinwonderdanmark, mardi 22 janv 2008

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