jeudi 13 mars 2008

New credit card?

I've got a new bank account in a new bank.
I had and still have a bank account but in an "overregionalized" bank in the South of France. In Paris, I can't check my account and can't get as money as I need in an ATM, eventhough it's the same banking institution. That's why it was crucial to get a new account.
I didn't want stay in the same bank since I don't have any access to my own money.
I decided to choose a new one. I chose one because the employee was both kind and professional, and it's not everywhere.

Of course, I asked for a credit card. I asked for an international Visa card. I got it but as an International Visa card for women with a special partnership with shops and stores such as beauty salon, make up, clothes. This card is called "Affinity" beauty, culture, shopping. Culture? Amazing! So women got a brain to like culture? Wow! I'm impressed but if they think I won't comment the 2 others, they are wrong.
Everybody knows that our first priority, for all of us, women, is to be beautiful, or even more, sexy (actually, instead of "culture" I would have expect "sex" but may be it was a little bit too much from a financial institution). We don't have any others expectation or interest. No. Just beauty and shopping to be sexy.
Beauty, culture, shopping for women while men can get a football credit card.
Yes, it's not a joke (actually it would have been a very bad joke, I don't think that funny at all).

We are living in 2008 and we still have women as dope who only care about beauty and shopping and men as football supporter.
I don't like that concept.
And even more, I think that men have the choice to choose wether or not they want a football card. Women can't.
I was very surprise to get such a card since I never asked for that. "That's because you're a woman. We target some categories of people to fit their needs as best as we can" they told me. Then, women, be proud!!! We are a category as football supporter, travellers, art lovers...Men are first human being and then football supporter or travellers or art lover. Women are just...women.
Buy, be sexy and SHUT UP!

So as a woman I don't like football? Well, that's true for me but I guess it's not true for all of us. And what about travel? IT? Sport (other than football)?
What about men who like shopping? Is that forbidden? Would they loose their virility?
Would you be surprise if I tell you I gonna change again, for an other bank?

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