samedi 30 août 2008

Hostel Blues Bratislava

Centimeters of dust under the bed, chewing-gum stuck on the wall, stinking toilets, bathroom so disgusting that it would have been better not have a shower at all and incompetent and arrogant staff.

This is Hostel Blues in Bratislava.

I booked 2 single beds in a 6 beds dorm for Skat and myself. When we arrived, we've been sent in a dorm for 8 people with.......2 DOUBLE beds. One of them was free, the only one so we shared the bed. It was an other couple in the other double bed and then 4 single beds with us. I'm still amazed and wonder if it was not a nightmare. I think that double bed are made for private double room. Not for dorm. Unless sex orgia is a travel option. Moreover, it was only 1 free locker in the room and we were 2 people so we shoul have 2 lockers. I went at the reception to complain and the girl told me: "It's late tonight. Let's see tomorrow."

Well, I was not alone being shocked. Skat too as well as 2 guys, 2 friends travelling together. They arrived about midnight and got the other double bed. They almost coul not believe it.

But the most incredible was when we checked-out. The staff yelled after us because we stayed in a 8 beds dorm instead of a 6 beds dorm as if it was our own mistake.

Skat wants to write to the direction. He thinks we met only the staff and that the direction does not know about all these problems. It might be. I don't know but I know that I will write to different travel guide such as Lonely Planet.

We paid 21 euros per day and person while in Prag we got a PRIVATE double room with clean toilet and modern bathroom and very helpfull staff for only 15 euro per person and per nat and we were less than 5 minutes walk from the Town Hall.

I let you appreciate our dorm (I swear! We did not stuck the chewing-gum. It was there when we arrived.)

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7nain a dit…

Et bien voilà de quoi me conforter dans mon idée que les Slovaques sont pires que les Tchèques... (Et l'orgie de sexe pas forcément à exclure dans certains cas...)
C'est une bonne idée d'écrire à la direction, mais pas sûre que vous obteniez une réponse. Si vous avez réservé par Internet avec possibilité de commenter le service, je pense que vous avez des arguments pour leur rendre la réputation qu'ils méritent!

Anonyme a dit…

;o) it's not blue hotel ;o) In germany you have very large beds too, well I never went in german hotels but in families you had those family beds (hurk ...). People working are probably so under paid that they don't care about our opinion but it's probably worth writing to les guides du routard, etc. and to the direction why not ? let us know if you have some news (good news). Do you know l'hôtel en folie (fawlty towers) ? la série british avec John Cleese !!!... it's so so funny, it may remind you of your hotel stay !!! here is a link via youtube for some episodes (in english) en français c'est l'hôtel en folie et c'est très drôle !!!

Alice a dit…

Fofita, on va en effet laisser des coms sur les sites travellers et autres, là où nous avions trouvé le lien vers cet "hostel".

Emelire, I will write to Lonely Planet, Le guide du Routard and so on. I can understand they are may be underpaid but it's not our fault, so...
I know Fawlty Tower. That's excellent! So funny!

Anonyme a dit…

;o) si tu aimes fawlty towers, l'hôtel en folie, connais-tu Father Ted ? ça se passe sur une île minuscule au large de l'irlande, ça rigole de la religion d'une manière vraiment sarcastique, sans vulgarité ni facilité, c'est très sympa. Tu peux trouver des épisodes de Father Ted sur youtube, etc. ça met en scène 3 prêtres et leur gouvernante, c'est hi-la-rant ! bon voilà je n'ai pas d'autre série drôle à conseiller à part ça.

Tendances and co a dit…

Hum ... il looks horrible, I agree. Crazy ... but, unfortunately, I think that this kind of "things" can happen in a smaller places, hostels for young people. Cos' people are coming from all over the world, and generally the ones booking those hostels do not have or want to spend an important amount of money on their stay, so the host does not really care about "if it's clean or not", "if you will be satisfied or not" ... it's a shame. But you are right, you should make it know, so as that other travelers (maybe me !) avoid going in there !

Alice a dit…

Hello Tend and Co!
that is exactelly what we want; avoid that other people book a bed there.
We stayed in Prag and Vienna too and it was much more better. I gonna write about it soon.