lundi 10 mars 2008

Good Bye Danmark

I'm a Parisian now. I said good bye to Danmark yesterday and I was happy to do so. No nostalgia, no regrets. click on lire la suite for more
I'm glad I've been in Danmark, no doubts, no regrets about it. But now, I don't feel that I belong to that country anymore. I wasn't sad yesterday. I was happy. Happy to move, to make some changes in my life and start something new.As I already said, I'll miss my friends but I didn't tell them good bye. We will keep in touch and it's so easy to catch a flight!
My 1st day in paris was very good. Well, actually it wasn't really a day but an evening, New year's Eve! I've been at a party at a friend's place. That was great. A perfect way to start a new year.
Happy New Year 2008!!

Par Alice aliceinwonderdanmark, mardi 1 janv 2008

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