lundi 10 mars 2008


I'm in France to look for a job, a flat and do and sign up all those very boring papers and documents for the very famous French administration. I thought it would have been a nightmare but, surprise!!! It works! click on lire la suite for more
Unbelievable! It's now easy to do and get documents in France!Well, everything is not completely done yet but I've already manage a lot of things.
I left France for many reasons: I wanted live abroad, I wanted learn foreign languages but also because I was fed up with insecurity and all the difficulties to get something in France, all those papers to write, to send to sign up for nothing and that took ages. It was so easy when I arrived in Denmark: no papers, no doc, nothing. A dream.Now, it's the opposite. More and more administration in Denmark and it takes time to get the information you need. Last time I've been for my health insurance I've been sent in 3 differents offices in different places, saw I don't know how many people and didn't get neither the right info nor the right file. Great!
I've the same feeling coming back to France now than arriving in Denmark 5 years ago.I'm impressed. I hope I won't be desappointed. I have a meeting tomorrow with the job center. Let's hope it'll be efficient!

Par Alice aliceinwonderdanmark, mercredi 21 nov 2007

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