lundi 10 mars 2008

Last trip to Denmark

Tomorrow I'm going back to Denmark for the last time as a resident. I'll stay 5 full days and then leave for good. click on lire la suite for more
I'm neither moved nor nostalgic so far. May be because I still have almost all my stuff there. May be because a lot of my friends left Denmark before me or will leave with me. I mean, I still have good friends in the Little Mermaid' land but very few in Århus and more and more are moving abroad. It's really the end of a great period.I know I can come back whenever I want anyway. It takes 2 hours from Paris to Copenhaguen or from Paris to Billund. That's not a big deal and my friends will be more than pleased to host me (aren't you? My dear friends? ) In a way, I won't really leave.I have to go to Copenhaguen in February. I want see the Royal Danish Ballet performing Don Quichotte by Alicia Alonso. I will visit friends as well. And I've got an invitation for a wedding in May.
What is very funny is that I haven't seen many of my mates for months, even years and now, because they know I'm leaving, we have to meet as if it was an emergency.I'm sure we'll meet more often with some of them when I'll be living in Paris than during all that time I've spent in Denmark.
Anyway, I've 3 very good friends staying in Denmark and I'll miss them a lot. I know we will keep in touch and meet but I'll miss our dinners, our surprise meetings, our outgoing to Skagen, Sweden or just down town.
Next week I will say good bye to them and to 1 other who is leaving Denmark for an overseas' country. I'll also say good bye to all these great people who are not very closed friends but friends anyway. We shared so many good things and good time together.I'm happy it's Christmas and holidays because some of them won't be there. I hate say good bye.
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